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    9 Great Homes For Sale, Perfect for Hosting Your Fantasy Football Draft!

    The Fantasy Football Draft Party!

    It’s finally that time…the time when we all have hope to win our fantasy football league and are given the right to trash talk our friends all year.  The most important day for any league is Draft Day!  You want the location to provide the perfect experience…a mix of indoor and outdoor spaces, a room big enough to hold all draftees and their coolers but with enough quiet areas to work over your buddy for a great trade.  You need an area to display the drafted teams on poster boards so all can see.  Some owners will wonder how they were the only team smart enough to get the best players in the draft, while others will immediately regret their first round pick.  Whatever happens, this is the day that we wait for.

    In honor of the occasion, I did a little research and found 9 great homes with indoor and outdoor entertaining areas, all within 30 minutes of our office in Livonia that would be great places to host a draft.  Now some may be a little pricey, but you can’t put a price on a great draft day experience!  Why 9?  Well, I’ve been looking at Top 10 Lists prepping for my draft for weeks (Top 10 QBs, Top 10 Running Backs, etc…) so I wanted to change it up.  So Top 9 it is…click below to take a look.

    Click Here to View the Winners!

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